Govinda is one of the superstars whose period of influence in the 90s positioned Bollywood as the hub of masala films with his impeccable acting and dance dexterities. With Bollywood actors expanding their horizons in Hollywood, Govinda too believes that he is no less of an artist to follow the route. In fact, in the latest interview with a leading news channel, Govinda made some surprising revelations about being offered James Cameron’s Avatar, which became Hollywood’s highest grosser until Avengers: The Endgame surpassed the box office record.

He had revealed, “It was me who had given the title of the movie. I had told (James Cameron) that your film will run successfully in cinemas. I also added that your film will take at least seven years to complete. That infuriated him (laughs)! I told him that the ‘avatar’ you want in the film is handicapped. Woh ishwar ka ansh hai aur apang hai…maine kaha ki yeh nahi hoga. And you want me to shoot for some 410 days and colour my body during the shoot. So I apologized for declining and left. And as predicted by me, the film released eight or nine years later and was a super hit!”

Following the interview, social media trolls became unstoppable. One of the trolls by a user stated, “Govinda was offered the role of Iron man but he rejected as he doesn’t fit in an iron suit.” As he was brought to notice about the troll by his daughter Tina, Govinda gave his reactions in a recent interview with a leading daily by stating, “I am not active on social media, but my daughter Tina keeps me in the loop. I am fine with people wondering how someone like Govinda could refuse a James Cameron film. I can understand where they are coming from. I respect that thought. They are entitled to have that opinion, but to say how come Govinda got that offer in the first place, is wrong. It’s not like meri aukad nahi hai. It’s prejudiced behaviour. Chai wala aagey kaise badh sakta hain? TV actors films mein kaise aa sakte hain? This is that same elitist, superiority complex. Yeh galat hai. Aapko vishwas nahi karna hai toh mat kijiye, but don’t say things like this.”

Meanwhile, Govinda who has clocked three decades in Bollywood was last seen in Pahlaj Nihalani’s Rangeela Raja which tanked at the box office.

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