Andrew Stanton was born on December 3, 1965 in Rockport, Massachusetts, U.S. He is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and voice actor based at Pixar. He joined Pixar in 1990. He graduated from CalArts. 

Andrew first wrote the screenplay for the film Toy Story, which was nominated at the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, the first animated film nomination in that category. He then went on to achieve stardom with his successful film works which includes co-writing Pixar’s A Bug’s Life (1998) (as co-director), Finding Nemo (2003) and its sequel Finding Dory (2016), WALL-E (2008), and the live-action film, Disney’s John Carter (2012). He also co-wrote all four Toy Story films (1995-2019) and Monsters, Inc. (2001). He then continued to rise high with his mettle with films such as Light & Heavy, Exploring the Reef, Ratatouille, Up, Brave, Monsters University, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Zootopia, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Purl. He has been the recipient of two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature for the films Finding Nemo and WALL-E. His work was also nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, for Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Toy Story (1995), and for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Toy Story 3 (2010).

Some of his notable works include:

A Bug’s Life

Toy Story

Monsters, Inc.

Finding Nemo

Finding Dory

Stanton directed two episodes of television show Stranger Things in 2017, an episode Better Call Saul in 2018, and the final season premiere of Legion in 2019. He was also a writer for the television show Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures in 1987. He was a Storyboard artist for the television show 2 Stupid Dogs in 1994 and The Lion King’s Timon & Pumbaa in 1995. Andrew Stanton exchanged the nuptial vows with Julie Stanton on 2 August 1991. The couple has a son named Ben and a daughter named Audrey.


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